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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is free flowing form of yoga combining and synchronizing the body and the breathe

Yoga Basics

If You’re new to yoga or have minimal experience, this class is perfect for you

Yin Yoga

Do you sometimes feel like you just need to slow down , take some time out and reconnect? Yin Yoga is just what you’re looking for!

Yoga Classes Chiang Mai - Information

Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai has a full class schedule with something to suit everyone. We believe that yoga is not a 1 size fits all practice. So we have done our best to offer a wide variety of classes so that you can choose and enjoy what suits you best

Meditation is also a part of our weekly schedule and we welcome and encourage every to join in the practice. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned meditator, group meditations can have powerful positive effects.

Yoga Basics

If you are new to yoga or you have minimal experience this class is perfect for you. By moving slowly, mindfully and with clear guidance, we will be taking time to grasp the fundamentals and foundations of our yoga practice. With a big focus on alignment, technique, understanding and safety we invite all beginners to join us for this Yoga Basics class.

Yoga Basics is a great place to start your yoga practice, take some time connecting with the physical body, the breath, and after some practice perhaps offering you a glimpse of true freedom and bliss as you drop into your final ‘Savasana’ (relaxation). This is a well-rounded class with time to work the details. This is where you learn great habits, and fix not so helpful ones.  Build a great yoga practice from the foundation up, perfect for beginners and anyone who wants to work their alignment, technique, balance, breathing and mindfulness

If you’ve practiced Yoga for a while already, this class is a wonderful place to come back to, slowing down, seeing how far we’ve come along the way, and also checking in with any habits that may have been developing over time on the mat.

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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Yoga is a free flowing style of yoga, what does this mean exactly? While each teacher will bring a slightly different style of vinyasa to the class, it generally means we will practice linking our breathe with the movement of our body as we move through our yoga poses with seamless transition and conscious awareness. This practice is focused towards generating internal heat, energy and challenging ourselves physically and mentally.

In a Vinyasa class you can expect to challenge yourself with standing postures, balance poses and twists. You’ll be given options for backbends, inversions and core work and cooled down with hip openers and forward bends. You’ll enjoy a luscious Savasana before heading out into the world relaxed and energized!

vinyasa classes are intermediate level

Yin Yoga

Do you sometimes feel like you just need to slow down , take some time out and reconnect? Yin Yoga is just what you’re looking for! Yin Yoga is passive, slow paced yoga practice with helps us to find mental, physical and energetic balance throughout our bodies and our lives. Yin Yoga is practiced with long, deep passive holds, we encourage to body to let go and surrender as opposed to other yoga classes where we are constantly pushing ourselves. The yin yoga approach is designed to help us create space in the yin tissues of the body; ligaments, joints and fascia while at the same time facilitating energetic healing.

Yin Yoga can be seen as the journey inwards. We work with the subtle sensations and energies throughout the body, while at the same time building a bridge between “Asana” and meditation.Yin Yoga can be perfect complement to yang styles of Yoga and the yang style of life. I weekly practice can help add balance to our Yoga practice and our hectic lives. Low lighting, relaxing music and awareness of breath will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the mother of all yoga, all other styles of yoga stem from the traditional practice of Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga is traditionally a set of physical poses and sequences designed to prepare the mind and body and nervous system  for meditation.  By practicing Hatha yoga we are slowly working with the physical body to allow seated meditation more comfortable, we are working with the mind to make mental stillness and clarity more attainable and we are working with the energetic channels of the body to remove blockages and allow energy to flow freely.

A Hatha Yoga class will include some type of breathing exercise (pranayama), a number of standing, sitting and lying postures and stretches and a short final meditation. You should end the class feeling longer, looser and more relaxed.

Our hatha yoga classes are open to all levels.

Special Alignment Yoga:

What is alignment Yoga?

Alignment yoga is a yoga class that focuses on detail, alignment and precision in asana (yoga poses)

Alignment yoga gives us the chance build up good habits in the functional positioning and movement of our body, it helps us to build awareness throughout new areas of our body that we may not have aware of before and it teaches us to practice yoga with great mindfulness and focus

As yoga in the western world continues to move towards becoming a form of exercise, these alignment classes are becoming more and more important. They give us the opportunity to slow down, to feel, to breathe, to observe and to take action.

In yoga alignment classes, Poses are held for longer periods and often modified with props. This method allows us to safely challenge the body and mind systematically cultivating strength, flexibility, stability, and awareness,  this style of yoga can also be therapeutic for specific conditions.

Evening Yoga Flow:

Evening yoga flow classes are a mix of Vinyasa and hatha yoga. there will be periods of free flowing sequences where we connect our movement to our breathe. We will be taking space and time to explore our bodies in the poses working towards enhancing our strength, flexibility, balance. There will also be periods of slowing down, releasing tension that has built up in the body throughout the day and calming the body and the mind preparing us for a nice restefull and rejuvenating sleep.

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Single Class

฿ 250

5 Class Pass

฿ 1,100

10 Class PAss

฿ 2000

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