Ning’s Kitchen Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking classes


We are extremely proud to partner with Ning, a passionate vegetarian who is ready to share her cooking knowledge with you.

Ning’s kitchen is setup and tailored specifically for people interested in cooking delicious Thai food that is both friendly for your health and for the world we live in. In a day and age where replacing meat with various vegan/vegetarian options is so readily available, together we can can begin to make a small change towards a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

We believe in the yoga philosophy of “Ahimsa” (Non Violence). Ahimsa means complete compassion towards all living beings, including ourselves. Practicing Ahimsa involves becoming aware of how our direct or indirect actions may be causing harm and suffering to other beings which eventually reflects back onto ourselves. Through practicing Ahimsa in our diet, we can begin to reduce unnecessary pain and suffering in the world and bring about a more balanced and joyful harmony.


there is no experience necessary to join our cooking class, just bring your smile, your camera and your empty stomach 🙂 we will be using different meat replacements to show you just how easy it is to turn thai dishes into Vegan/Vegetarian delights.  We look forward to showing you just how simple it is to make your very own thai curry, stir fry, salad, dessert, even some thai stye street food.

Class Outline

  • Book with us at least 1 day before and confirm your menu items
  • Meet group/introduction
  • enjoy snack of fresh fruit
  • Learn about your cooking station
  • learn about local thai style ingredients
  • with Ning’s Guidance, cook your chosen appetizer, stir fry, curry, soup & desert
  • Take time to taste test and enjoy all your cooking
  • take your copy of Ning’s Kitchen official recipe book home with you
  • show off your new skills and Cook delicious vegan/vegetarian Thai food for all your friends
  • Our cooking classes run daily at 12:30pm 
  • location inside the old city of Chiang Mai about 5 minutes from the famous Thapae Gate
  • Please book with us at least 1 day in advance
  • Class Fee – 950 baht per person, includes everything you need to cook 5 menu items’s & your take home recipe books
  • click here to choose your personalized menu


  • for booking and reservation please contact Ning’s Kitchen directly at 084 3694339 or email or fill in the form below

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