LockDown Meditation

5 Days of Simple Meditation for Complete Beginners

Over the course of these 5 days i will introduce some simple yet effective meditation methods that absolutely anyone can enjoy. Hopefully this will help you get your meditation practice up running 🙂 or if you have one already to beef it up a little.


I believe the most beneficial and effective meditations are the ones that are simple, straight foreword and free from any kind of expectation. Over Complicating a meditation is like going to the gym and trying to work out every single muscle, chances are the results may be minimal because your constantly directing your energy and focus in one hundred different directions at once. A simple meditation practice may not seem flashy or exciting… its not meant to be.  The idea of using a straight foreword and clear practice is to help yourself to build consistency, understanding and a strong foundation for the long term.

Every day ill post a 10-15 minute guided meditation, introducing a slightly new concept to work with. After 5 days you should be well versed with some of the basics to practicing meditation, and ready to continue practicing on your own.

Day 1

Intro to Meditation for Beginners – Using your breath to meditate

The breath is the foundation of many meditation and mindfulness practices. It offers an object for the mind to focus on so that its not running around chasing its tail. One key benefit of the breath is that’s its always there, have a bad day? Your breath is there. Away from home? Your breathe is there. The breath is like your very own personal meditation partner that wants to meditate with you all the time!

On subtle levels the breathe has an unlimited number of complexities, but in this meditation we will utilize it in a simple and easy way

I hope you enjoy 🙂