Meditation In Chiang Mai

We are big believers in the power of mediation! If every person in the world took just 10 minutes a day to meditate the world would be a completely different place! the benefits of Meditation are not only experienced personally, they are also being proven by science.

We understand that meditation can be difficult, challenging and even frustrating. although some of us might naturally find meditation easy, It’s generally not something that you immediately start to enjoy, it’s something that takes time, dedication and patience, and that’s why it is so initially challenging. One of the main reason for this initial difficulty is the way we live our everyday lives. society has evolved into a fast paced, busy and extremely stimulating place, so much so that the mind has lost its ability to return to its natural state of being calm, centered and in the present moment.

We often hear peoples stories about trying meditation for a few days and then giving up out of frustration, laziness or because they simply don’t know if they are doing it right. Unfortunately experiences like this often leave people with a sour taste in their mouths and they are not likely to try practicing meditation again for some time.

This is where Our Group Meditation come in.

At hidden House yoga Chiang Mai, we run group meditations every second day for you and for the community. These sessions donation based and are designed to bring us together to meditate as a group, this way we are able to hold each other accountable and keep each other motivated and disciplined to practice. We also get the chance to meet and share with other individuals interested in the benefits of meditation

This regular meditation group is open to absolutely everyone, from complete beginners to enlightened gurus 😛

New students will be given clear instructions and if they should have any questions the facilitator present will be there to assist.

by joining these group meditation sessions we hope to help  you build the foundations of a personal meditation practice. Eventually building up the discipline, will power and motivation to begin your own daily meditation practice.

We hope that you will come and join us 🙂

meditation is usually at 9am, but Please check the class schedule page as dates and times are subject to change

please arrive on time 🙂

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Phone: 093 308 4656
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