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Welcome to Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai. A place to connect with like minded people who’s focus and interests revolve around community, health, personal growth and of course yoga. Together we can set ourselves on the fast track to finding our true potential, whilst simultaneously inspiring others to do the same

if your interested in yoga retreats Chiang Mai or a get away into the country side of northern Thailand then visit True Nature Chiang Mai. A small, family run Yoga & Meditation retreat center located just 45 minutes north of Chiang Mai Town.

Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai Offers a full class Schedule of Yoga, Meditation, Workshops and more

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We are big believers in the power of meditation. If everyone took just 10 minutes a day to meditate the world would be completely different place

Meet our inspiring team of teachers on call to assist you in every aspect of your practice.

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Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking Class

We are extremely proud to partner with Ning, a passionate vegetarian who is ready to share her knowledge of cooking delicious Thai cuisine with you

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What We Do

it’s not about us it’s about you! Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai is your oasis in the heart of the old city.  A health and well being center a stone’s throw away from your guest house, hotel or air bnb where you can practice yoga, join in meditation groups/sessions, get  rejuvenating massages and meet like minded people to connect with! Come and find us

We are big believers in maintaining overall health and well being and that a regular yoga practice brings a wide variety of health benefits to both the body and mind. Come join in a class with us to stretch, strengthen, sweat and breathe your way to a healthier, happier sense of being.  We also collaborate with Ning’s Kitchen, who offer an amazing Vegetarian Cooking Class in Chiang Mai.

About Our Place

About Our Place – At Hidden House Yoga Chiang Mai we strive to make yoga classes suitable and accessible to all levels.  From complete beginner to long time yogi’s. whoever you are you can find a class that suits you on our Yoga Classes Chiang Mai  page. You can rest assured your practice will be supported by our highly qualified and energetic teaching team

our facilities include our traditional wooden teak house where we practice yoga and meditation together daily, a cool quiet garden area where we encourage students to chat and get to know one another after class, onsite change rooms and showers so that you can rinse off all your hard work and head back out to enjoy your day feeling energized, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Why Yoga?

Most of us initially start practicing yoga for the more obvious benefits, the increased flexibility and strength, the stress relief and physical fitness. There’s nothing wrong with practising yoga for these reasons, after all these are all things that are beneficial for us.

But what most people will find is that with a disciplined regular yoga practice, our perspective begins to shift. We find ourselves practicing Yoga not only for the obvious benefits, but for more subtle reasons. Our yoga practice becomes a tool for self-realization, for self-reflection, to keep our ego in check, to practice kindness and self-compassion and continued personal growth ultimately guiding us towards our true potential. check out our Yoga Chiang Mai Beginner Guide or  this great Yoga Beginner article 

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